A waste revolution, social, economic and environmental change must be applied

As the Chair of the Metropolitan Local Government Waste Forum, I view waste as a resource.

Often waste is viewed as an item we reject, discard and throw away. Consumerism, modern technology, our antiquated views, lack of mandatory product stewardship together with our disposal society is vastly to blame.

Did you know that the Hallam Landfill site will close in the next seven to ten years? With Melbourne’s current population growth, urgent strategic planning is required to address the excess waste generated. As our metropolitan landfills increase and landfill levy escalates we need to boost our resource recovery infrastructure, to cut costs. We need to reduce waste sent to landfill, increase commercial and residential organic waste recovery, deliver community and environmental benefits, plan for Darebin’s population growth and address consumer behavioural change. We need industry innovation and reduction of waste to landfill.

In order to undertake this we require to implement a superior hard rubbish service that addresses,Collection, recycle, repair and reuse solutions. Provide a weekly food organics bin, introduce a textile recovery service, ensure that a comprehensive waste service is provide to all multi-unit developments and commercial buildings, work with other councils to build a large scale anaerobic digestion facility, advocate for a superior Container Deposit Scheme in Victoria and toughen penalties for those who dump rubbish, chemicals and asbestos. Waste matters, economically, socially and environmentally.

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"It has been my pleasure to have known (& been a friend of) Lina for many, many years. She was a (dammed) good good one if I do say so myself, spending hours at the Breakfast Program I ran for a number of years, plus she was an inaugural student council member of the Preston Technical School pretty good for a young student WHO WORE DESERT BOOTS in her class photo. Seriously a lovely person, who has cared about people for as long as I have known her, so naturally, I recommend her."

Brett Mitchell

"Lina Messina has been such a huge supporter of our business from day one.
She is always available to assist and advise, and as a business owner, it is so reassuring to have her on our side.
Whatever we have needed, she has been only too happy to help in offering a solution or a contact who can assist. Her energy and enthusiasm is unbridled and contagious. She never stops and it often seems like she can be in two places at once!
She is genuine and fun and her passion and drive for local business, community and sustainability are an asset to City of Darebin. We thank her for her dedication and tireless efforts to support the community."

Mauro & Diana- Pausa Pranzo

"Lina Messina is a trusted, authentic community leader within the City of Darebin. Her ability to build genuine relationships and understand the real needs of our community is the reason people gravitate towards Lina’s guidance and leadership.
Her passion for her family and friends, small business, the environment, and our community are crystal clear. Combined with her abundant energy Lina is driven to get the job done.
Lina Messina is a trusted, authentic community leader within the City of Darebin. Her ability to build genuine relationships and understand the real needs of our community is the reason people gravitate towards Lina’s guidance and leadership.
Her passion for her family and friends, small business, the environment, and our community are crystal clear. Combined with her abundant energy Lina is driven to get the job done.
'Supportive and caring Councillor and community member. Always eager to be amongst the community, to listen and to encourage community needs.
We thank you for your persistence and support to the community."

Regent Community Garden

"When I decided to shave my hair & host a community fundraiser in honour of my late zio and a part of my grieving process, I was introduced to Lina. I knew from then that I had to have a space for others to share their stories. I also knew she would be apart of my life for years to come. Lina is a hard working, passionate and caring person who goes above and beyond for everyone. Thank you for everything you’ve done thus far. You’re a godsend"

Elizabeth Marchi

"As a Commissioner for the Victorian Multicultural Commission, I have had many opportunities to engage with Lina Messina through CALD community events. She is a passionate member of the Italian community in Victoria and promotes CALD events to her constituents. She is a very aware of current issues and concerns in CALD communities and always endeavours to promote cohesion and diversity in the Darebin electorate."

Rosaria Zarro

"I have always found Lina to be one of the most sincere and efficient councillors and most importantly person that I have come across. She always strives for the best with every situation put forward. For these reasons I Vote for Lina Messina to be reinstated as councillor for Darebin."

Angelo Bafunno Director - Biggin Scott Real Estate

"Lina Messina has been an invaluable asset to Darebin supporting key infrastructure projects that contribute to the vibrant sporting culture of the community bringing families together and giving children, from a young age, first class sporting opportunities. Establishing strong community connections to last a lifetime. Lina’s contribution to the sustainability, both financially and environmentally, of this municipality is second to none, with her continued support of all small business enabling this community to thrive a prosper well into the future."

Chris Capponi - Preston Lions

"Lina is a staunch supporter of the Sylvester Hive Community Garden. She attends events, brings a plate to share and participates in helping out throughout day. Lina has attended the Sylvester Hive AGM and has offered community,
council and local business advice and connections. Lina has been a really engaged Councillor and we wish her well in the upcoming elections."

Michelle Gazzola President Sylvester Hive

"Lina Messina has proven to collectively bring the City of Darebin together, understanding that by engaging a mentality of collectiveness makes Darebin a better place. Lina's belief in social inclusion and good governance only drives the confidence of the residents of Darebin that it's the place to live and work. Her understanding and promotion of balanced planning schemes provide sustainability and flow with neighborhood character. With belief and support around small business in the City of Darebin, Lina's encouragement of small business stimulates employment and economic development

Her understanding and promotion of cultural and heritage values underpin our community's identity. Lina's strong belief that Darebin needs to capitalize on councilors' individual strengths and attributes, whilst embracing cohesion and strong working relationships only adds to the confidence of business not only to open in the City of Darebin but more importantly to thrive with support as l have personally experienced, not only as a business owner in the City of Darebin but also a Darebin resident."

John Catanzariti

"Lina Messina is driven to keep the City of Darebin moving forward. Her passion and values around family, community, small business and the environment promote inclusiveness, diversity and sustainability for our municipality. Lina continues to support much-needed infrastructure upgrades for local sporting communities which provide people of all abilities the opportunity to participate in sports activity, maintain an active lifestyle and forge strong community hubs and connections back to local business. Lina’s willingness to proactively engage and understand her community’s needs coupled with her drive to deliver on these objectives will ensure the City of Darebin will continue to thrive and ensure the community benefits together."

Michael Skliros President Northcote City Football Club

"Lina Messina has been an advocate and avid supporter of our business from day one. Lina is present and actively engages with her constituent, she is the person on the ground who makes things happen when you need assistance.

Lina is passionate about Darebin small businesses and has been instrumental in implementing a number of changes within council to directly assist small businesses during COVID"

Lilly Stuckings - Gelato Papa

"Lina Messina, has done a power of work for our community . She is always ready to listen to any issues you may have and always comes up with positive solutions. She is a dedicated and passionate and caring , just what we need in council to get us through the other side of Covid-19 . She will help the community prosper and grow and make The City Of Darebin the best place in the state to live! I wish her all the best in up coming council election."

David Zonta Board Member Northern Blues

"Tonda Italian has found Lina to be a tireless advocate for the small business community in our electorate. Whenever we have reached out to her she has been quick in response, understanding of our issues and dogged in seeking to find an answer to our community’s issues. We are confident that she will continue to be a strong voice that supports our community and local small businesses."

Liza Russo Director - Tonda Italian

"Lina Messina is a very passionate and dedicated person in her role as Deputy Mayor. She is a great advocate for people in Aged Care and for the many causes she is involved with. Lina was a fantastic Case Manager for my mother whilst she was at home."

G Tascone

"Lina Messina is a trusted, authentic community leader within the City of Darebin. Her ability to build genuine relationships and understand the real needs of our community is the reason people gravitate towards Lina’s guidance and leadership.
Her passion for her family and friends, small business, the environment and our community are crystal clear. Combined with her abundant energy Lina is driven to get the job done.
Lina has been a trusted advisor to Preston Lions Football Club (PLFC). She has provided terrific guidance, care and expertise in supporting the important role we as a Club play within our community. She understands the needs and importance of sporting infrastructure, participation and the welfare of our children; creating opportunities for women in sport and the positive effects sport has on the broader community. Lina has been an avid supporter of our club and was proud to see PLFC receive the City of Darebin Sports Club of the Year 2020 award earlier this year.
It is clear Lina has a very strong values base. She has the drive and vision to ensure our community takes priority. She is a leader that people look to provide a voice as our local representative.

Preston Lions Football Club Executive

"A dynamic woman born out of our local community. I regard her as one of us , earned her first dollar as a young girl at Preston Market. She has worked very hard in her life and appreciates our daily toil , our needs as individuals and as a Community. I have had the great pleasure of seeing Lina in action the last few years and her hard work and efforts in the Darebin Council. She has initiated a number of initiatives, has helped many in our Community. Gives much more than any Councillor would. A major supporter of Our Preston Market and the forefront with her fight to have it remain part of lives . When I needed to ask for help on issues pertaining to local issues, she was there without hesitation. Residents and shop owners, in Darebin would attest to similar experiences. Shes much loved because she speaks our voice, and we always need one of us in the Council to represent our real needs. Vote her in. I say."

Jim katsaros Athina's European Deli Preston Market

"Lina Messina is someone who always has the time to listen. Particularly to small businesses. She is truly passionate about culture and diversity which is something to be celebrated in the City of Darebin. In over 10 years of being in business in Darebin, I have never met anyone from council who makes such effort to connect people within our community."

Marco Finanzio Managing Director – Umberto Group

"When everyone else is tucked up in front of the telly, Councillor Messina is pounding the pavements of Preston and Thornbury, checking into see how business is surviving in these difficult times. As a fellow member of the business traders' committee for 3 years, I saw first hand Lina’s dedication to the Darebin Community, She has my vote!"

Al Kennedy

"I am a business operator in Preston and have greatly appreciated the support and advice offered to our business by Councillor Messina. Lina understands the needs of businesses to thrive and employ. She also understands the needs of local residents and traders and aims to bring them together in harmony. We could all learn a lot from Lina!"

Northside Food Hall